Hulu Stole My Thunder…!

Okay, soooo….

About 29 years ago, as a mere sapling of a girl, I came up with an original story idea: What about the story of a man, someone mysterious and perhaps even dark and handsome, who took up residence in a corner booth in some dive restaurant/bar. He would be some kind of wayfarer, charming and magnetic, but somewhat lonesome. People would come to him and tell him their troubles; somehow, from this very basic setting there would arise stories of an SF nature.

Fast forward to Spring of 2012, and what do I see, now being featured as an exclusive ongoing series on Hulu, but this television show.

I guess I can’t be too unhappy with them, because really it’s my own damn fault for not developing the concept further. Actually, what happened was this: I got about half a day’s worth into the story idea, and my excitement fizzled as I realized, “wait- that would be far too limiting. If the Mystery Man is confined to one spot in a diner someplace, there are so many other experiences he won’t be able to have. I don’t think I’d be able to come up with enough material for this to be interesting past one or two scenarios.”

Thus, the Mystery Man, as I originally imagined him, my tall, dark & handsome SF protagonist, went in a totally different direction and became the wandering hero, Geran. And I went on to write a whole bunch of stories that had a lot more to do with, probably, the Dark Tower meets Dr. Who than anything else. I may at some point go back and cannibalize those old stories for new material. (There’s also a secret connection who inspired my formulation of Geran as a fictional character, many years before I ever even knew he existed in real life… don’t worry he knows who he is.)

As to the folks who put on shows for… Congrats. You took my original idea, and you found a way to make it work. It would have taken me approximately until now to have even formed the personal depth of human understanding necessary to develop the addictive character & plot development which flows so naturally throughout this series. I’ll cede you this one. ;P

And Xander… He’s the only one who could have bested Geran in the charisma department. Just take a look at those eyeballs in action, man. Spooky…


1 thought on “Hulu Stole My Thunder…!

  1. The Secret Connection to this post is still sitting here with both doors blown off by your written work. Thank you for being you. Fawk ’em, there are no new ideas anyway. Remember Joseph Campbell, “The patterns of the monomyth repeat endlessly.” Having said that, I remember dreaming an episode of “Deep Space Nine”, trying to write it…and then seeing that “Star Trek:Voyager” somehow stole my dream to produce their most memorable character, Jeri Ryan’s ‘Seven Of Nine’. I liked my story better. 🙂 Geran is a slightly higher order than that, though, and the stories can be preserved. How many different variations are there of Kolchak The Night Stalker, for example? Or the basic Watchmen scenario? You put enough of yourself into all your work that you needn’t worry about accusations of plagiarism. Just do like Jetse continually exhorts people to and “Write what you *feel* like writing.” IMHO.

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