Sentence of the week

“We nestled onto a mat in near darkness of the shelter and peeked through cunning slits in the blind at the bright old world.”

An impressive sentence from Laird Barron’s “LD50”, a free thank-you story to his readership. You can read it online here.

Things You Need To Go See

There are some literary events coming up in the Portland area, and you need to go check them out. With any luck, I will also be there checking them out. Come say hello if you see me…

Caffeinated Art #170 on Monday, May 20th- details here.

Ink Noise Review- now on its second installment, so we know the baby had a healthy delivery and will be doing fine! This episode featuring Dan Raphael, Curtis Whitecarroll, and other awesome guests. Saturday, June 1st. Details here

Got a literary event to throw out there? Get a hold of me and I’ll post it, as long as you’re willing to return the favor…