Bring On the Gear Con!

I will be at PDX Gear Con this weekend, attending various events and networking with scattered showers of volunteering as required… Ah I love a do-ocracy 🙂

Attended an author read & talk thus far featuring Andrew P. Mayer, Andrew S. Fuller, and Jonathon Burgess reading from current works and talking about the state of the publishing industry and ways they maintain relationships with their audiences. Each of them had very distinctive and intriguing works, even though they were all being grouped under the umbrella heading of “steampunk”.
Mr. Mayer presented a continuation of his Society of Steam trilogy, a straight ahead adventure series starring the plucky Sarah Stanton. While he read a passage describing the central characters in their relation to their mechanical creations, I came to an insight of how Steampunk as a concept could serve as an allegory for the increasingly curious explorations of the average Joe.. Or Jill.. As they struggle to make sense and meaning out of a contemporary landscape that is growing ever more Cartesian and quantified.
Mr. Fuller read from the anthology, “Fish”, featuring a lovely glimpse of one family’s return to the landscape of ancient Pacific NW Natives’ way of life following an (all too probable) apocalyptic environmental collapse.
Mr. Burgess treated us to an excerpt from his tale of a pair of sky pirates and “horrible people”, mortal enemies who… Just happen to be married. Stranded together on a desert island after being unceremoniously dumped by their crew, entertainment–for the reader– ensues…

This year’s Gear Con promises to be lively and full of not only engaging programming, but also plenty of chances for attendees to get their hands on a whole range of interactive activities and instructional workshops, including a graphic novel competition, talent show, and a “maker’s lab” featuring visiting experts from OMSI.

I am looking forward to all of it! If you see me, come say hello…