The Dark Crystal: Director’s Cut

Now available on Youtube- watch it here before someone gets wise and takes the link down!

This version of the Dark Crystal is as the movie was originally intended by the Jim Henson production crew. It’s a work print that has been painstakingly cleaned up and restored by Youtube submitter, scoodidabop. He explains the differences in his commentary along with this posted version of the workprint; mainly we get to see “deleted” or lost scenes, hear dialogue- or the lack thereof- as originally intended, and hear an original audio score. The differences are subtle at times, but for fans, I think you will agree with me that seeing them changes the entire scope and meaning of the movie as envisioned by Jim Henson and Frank Oz.

This isn’t a kid’s movie, and was never originally intended as one. It’s a mythos steeped in the legends of Old Britain, combining all of the symbolism and richness of European folk and faerie tales, occult wisdom, and a few themes and practices from aboriginal cultures thrown in for good measure, set in a time before history– long before humans walked the earth. (Let us not forget that Brian Froud, of Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book among other publications, was also a principal in creating this movie.) The Dark Crystal draws on archetypes from the Hero With a Thousand Faces as much from predecessors such as The Lord of the Rings tales. It also has fun with natural history, as we can see from the scenes that show plantimals and other living critters that haven’t quite figured out what to evolve into yet- but that would be right at home in a marshland with a few dinosaurs roaming about.

But I’m getting on too much of a ramble here. Don’t just listen to me, go watch the thing for yourself. Feel free to comment here once you’re done, and keep the discussion going…