The thingamajig

Thingamajig, what-you-may-call-it, hullabaloo, doohickey, boogie-woogie, folderol, whatchamajigger, thingy, the you-effin-know-that-thing, hanky-panky, abracadabra, kerfuffle, dog and pony show, razzmatazz, bun in the oven, glad-hand, break it off, pleased as punch, song and dance, shazam, kit, jive turkey, excelsior, what’s cookin’, jalopy, rave-up, slapdash, fox in the henhouse, poker face, slip me some skin, smoke signal, wisecrack, SNAFU, hog wild, catching the vapors, cool cat, fly girl, malarkey, choad-in-yer-mouth, takes the cake, fly-by-night, hinky, slam dunk, what’s yer 20, wild card, Johnny-Come-Lately, squee, horse trading, whad’ya’know, wino, slapdash, make like a banana and split…


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