Serena Blossom Appel is stranger than a loop. She may be channeling some type of either imminent deity Life force, or perhaps it is just a reflection of inner solipsism that has been accidentally refracted from the depths of her innner Soul and projected outwards to appear as though slightly altered versions of Time are visible through her gaze and world view. She hopes to tickle minds with the viral feathers of her wit and will, and leave you questioning your perceptions, if not your very grip on reality itself. And leave you begging her for more…

Serena Blossom Appel is originally from the Chicago, IL area. She has been a creative writer, journal keeper, and mixed media artist for much of her lifetime. She currently works in the field of Mental Health as an art and talk therapist, which frequently tends to reconfirm her suspicions that the truth really is stranger than fiction. She has been known to run with scissors, talk to strange men, hug trees, and drink doctored Kool-Aid. All in the name of research, you understand 😉

Serena Blossom Appel got her start in performance poetry at the open MIC reads at the now-defunct No Exit Cafe’, Rogers Park, IL in 1996. She went on to do collaborative poetry and music performances in the Chicago area in venues such as Lounge Ax and Morseland. She read her writings at open MICs all over the damn place, including one Valentines Day at Green Mill in which she got a POSITIVE NUMBER SCORE in that night’s slam. She hosted music/poetry/performance events under the label “Poet Sluts” for 2 years, prior to moving to Portland, OR. She’s hosted a few events in the Portland area, including “Beatsploitation” at the Blue Monk. She published a chapbook of her poetry, artwork and photography, “Uncircumcised Rants”, in 2003, that was available at the Powell’s small press room. She had been a member in good standing of The Irradiated Poets for about 3 years, and read in events with them including a National Poetry Month tribute at the Portland Public Library, and a Clement Greenberg exhibit grand opening at the Portland Art Museum. She has personally heckled Oregon’s Poet Laureate, Walt Curtis, and for that he caused her to be featured for one evening on the Talking Earth radio program on KBOO. She’s co-hosted a local SF author’s writing workshop with Edward Morris, Jr., the Willamette Valley Sorcerers, from 2010-2011. She is currently working on writing some short stories and collating some of her older, previously unpublished works to produce some new chapbooks to unleash on all of you ungrateful louts. Get a hold of her should you be interested in finding out more.