They say,

“necessity is the mother of invention”,

But I think necessity got
a bad rap-

See, viewed through the eyes of
those who invent,

We have come to experience necessity as a
cold mother,

Skin drawn tight around
stern brows,

gaunt face, shouting an inch away from yours

the old hag, so demanding…

But the cleanly ordered, infinitely predictable, mechanistic universe
of inventors,

has forgotten the times when

was a powerful urge, emananting from deep within
growing steadily
until a shout of joy burst forth!

When necessity was
that we all rise above

and experience, and cause one another to experience,
the greatest potential

Of art, of imagination, of love, of solidarity

of understanding

Because each and every one of us,
vessels of the Soul

are mothers of something

All you have to do
is close your eyes,

and remember…

(c) SBA 5/11/2014


Buzzpoems Reading Today

I have been invited by my friend, Curtis B Whitecarroll, to read a couple of short poems at the Buzzpoems reading for Starts this evening at 5pm, at the Glyph Cafe & Arts Space, 804 NW Couch St., in Portland, OR. There will be 50 poets, each one reading two poems that last less than a minute each. They will subsequently be used in between Xray’s programming. I’m number 39, so I don’t know how far in to our session that will be, but I have no doubt that all the poets reading today will be worth hearing!

Southeast Madrigal

Cycling thru streets
Dusted pink with
clouds of Spring, just before

The thundershower
I find a moments’ peace

A tiny interloper,
Folding naive bee winglets against
The coming storm

Rides at my elbow, a brief jaunt
To an uncharted neighborhood
Exotic spills of blossoms
Tumbling over mossy walls

The scent of fresh pollen, heady
and intoxicating

Or perhaps,
This was my spirit guide through
This early passage
Down a sleepy back lane of Faerie?

With such live, sunlit green panoply
Reaching out, trembling against
A curtain wall of
Charcoal smudge sky,

Why, one could linger for but a moment,
And years might pass, back in our

Consensual Reality…

Best to keep moving, feet tirelessly propelling onward

For an unspecified amount of afternoon,
I made it to the top of the hill okay.

When I looked down,
My sleeve was empty

(c) SBA 4/2014

The thingamajig

Thingamajig, what-you-may-call-it, hullabaloo, doohickey, boogie-woogie, folderol, whatchamajigger, thingy, the you-effin-know-that-thing, hanky-panky, abracadabra, kerfuffle, dog and pony show, razzmatazz, bun in the oven, glad-hand, break it off, pleased as punch, song and dance, shazam, kit, jive turkey, excelsior, what’s cookin’, jalopy, rave-up, slapdash, fox in the henhouse, poker face, slip me some skin, smoke signal, wisecrack, SNAFU, hog wild, catching the vapors, cool cat, fly girl, malarkey, choad-in-yer-mouth, takes the cake, fly-by-night, hinky, slam dunk, what’s yer 20, wild card, Johnny-Come-Lately, squee, horse trading, whad’ya’know, wino, slapdash, make like a banana and split…