My reading from New Poet Challenge!

I was graciously gifted a video recording of my performance at the New Poet Challenge #5 show at Pairings this past week. Enjoy!

(note: The very beginning of the first poem, “Letter To Myself (a Poem for Grief)”, was not captured in the video. But you can read the full text version of pieces I am reading here and here.

Pairings July 2015

Ink Noise Review and I

I will be heading to Ink Noise Review tonight at the Jade Lounge in SE Portland to hopefully perform one of my pieces. Sign up is from 7:40 to 8pm, all those who are in the signup tonight will be in an upcoming anthology for Ink Noise poets! Featured readers the remainder of the evening. Wish me luck!

My Literary Weekend

Here is what I got up to this past weekend, and it was very satisfying:

Dan Raphael reads his work.

Dan Raphael reads his work.

I went to Ink Noise Review at the Jade Lounge, hosted by Curtis Whitecaroll, featuring Dan Raphael, and D. R. Garrett. The evening also included poetry and flash/microfiction by James Grabill, Jared Hayes, Dawn Z. Montefusco, Sarah Wimmer, Billy Dye, and Alexis Plank. A quality lineup of creative writers, and also a really chill Portland bar experience. The next Ink Noise get together will be on June 16th, from what I recall.

Dan Savage widescreen

Dan Savage with an exhibit of Chris Haberman portraits on the wall in back of him– at Powell’s City of Books.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I got to squeeze in to see Dan Savage talk and read at Powell’s City of Books in the Pearl Room. He was promoting his new book, American Savage, which features his sassy evaluation on a number of current hot sociopolitical topics. He has been investigating politics a lot, and talked on the health care crisis, and how many of the “conservative hot topics” of the day, such as reproductive rights, women’s issues, and marriage equality, are in fact intertwined when viewed in the larger context of the Religious Right. He was a very funny, warm, down to earth person, and was able to allay the concerns of even the most cynical audience member. I was pleasantly impressed. He also answered the question about where he sees trends going in the next several decades, to which his answer was: Trans and gender issues. Because, “movements progress over time, as they should, and that is becoming the next progression.” (Sorry for what I am sure is horrible paraphrasing.)

Also at Powell’s, I discovered they have a gender issues section! So if you are inspired to get a jump ahead, at Dan’s recommendation, here is a self-help guide for you to pick up:


I should hope all my weekends in P-Town are this illuminating… 🙂

Things You Need To Go See

There are some literary events coming up in the Portland area, and you need to go check them out. With any luck, I will also be there checking them out. Come say hello if you see me…

Caffeinated Art #170 on Monday, May 20th- details here.

Ink Noise Review- now on its second installment, so we know the baby had a healthy delivery and will be doing fine! This episode featuring Dan Raphael, Curtis Whitecarroll, and other awesome guests. Saturday, June 1st. Details here

Got a literary event to throw out there? Get a hold of me and I’ll post it, as long as you’re willing to return the favor…