The Brock Hollyday Experience


I spent a delightful evening at the Brock Manse this weekend for a holiday get together. This included meeting a number of non-human party goers, including these two adorable turtles. Don’t let the “slow as a turtle” stereotype fool you- when they smell potential food, those critters can be sneaky as it gets…

Our host and hostess were as gracious as anyone could want, and genuinely enthusiastic! ! I got to meet a handful of local writers and creative folks, and to hang out with frequent panelist and SF legend, William  F. Nolan.

The Brocks have been doing a ton of work over the last few years to bring out a number of new projects, including their documentary work, a fully illustrated anthology called “The Devil’s Coattails”, ongoing presentations/panels, editorial work, art work/art directon, and so on. Plus their new biannual, [Nameless Magazine]. I came home with a present of a signed copy of the latest edition, the hallmark of which is a series of personal stories about Ray Bradbury (who passed away in June of 2012…RIP) from those who knew him and wished to honor his memory in print. I hope to submit something soon, although Jason tells me it’ll take him a while to slog through and place many of those he’s already gotten– not because it’s a drag, but because they were “all so good”.

I didn’t think we had that many local Rennaissance creative folk in the area, but boy was I surprised. I am pleased that we have the Brocks to help keep the finger on the pulse of SF, horror and dark fantasy for the Wilamette Valley area.