The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America

Went to see this at the Clinton St. Theater tonight. You can read a brief synopsis of the movie itself here.
The most entertaining part of the show, for me, was actually Shane and Amy Bugbee themselves. Their stories wrapped around the footage (presented in a series of webcast-length snapshots) to provide more of a portrait of two fascinating people, and the lens through which they view life, than just going to your average documentary could possibly have offered. It was like going to your wacky cousin’s house and watching their home movies. There were even cookies.

RC Steampunk FF FYI

So we just wrapped up the Annual Rose City Steampunk Film Festival this past weekend; if you did not get a chance to see them in person, all of the information on films, vendors and etc. can be found through this site.

It was a slightly smaller turnout than I (and I’m sure Steven, the film event coordinator), would have hoped for. Yet we had a loyal group of Steampunk folk who stayed throughout the entire weekend, and I believe we all found something to entertain us with this year’s lineup.

My favorites of the weekend were definitely the restored version of “The Lost World” from 1925; “Doctor Glamour”, a Rocky-Horror Musical-esque Victorian/Steampunk Mind-Freaky-Blowing-Freakout Short Movie with a Bisexual Polyamorous Twist; all of the “League of Steam” short comedy sketch bits, “Outpost 11”, a grippingly tense paramilitary drama set in the far Arctic wastes, “Beautiful Fish”, a documentary of the contemporary songwriter/cellist Unwoman; and “Airlords of Airia” for its magnificent use of animation and live action.

There are also a couple of local ventures in the works, including “Cities in the Sky” and “Tess The Inventor”. Visit the website for more information about this year’s lineup.

Vendors were also on hand, although not as many as I have seen in years past. To perhaps mollify this, however, the Clinton St. Theater is now serving wine and beer! And cider! No more having to fight a crowd to get to your drinks at the bar before intermission is done. Ahh, Clinton Street, we love you so.