Sharing is Caring

Here’s a new poem that just provided me a pleasant diversion. It’s a bit rough, but this is too ridiculous not to share:

Sharing is caring when you’re carrying Karen, who is carrying another Karen, who carries a Cairn.


The Karen who carries another Karen kerns.

The Karen who carries a Cairn keens.

The caring Karen is caring.

The uncaring Karen is cunning.


The rare Karen reaches behind her back to pull a sword with wings, with which to smite down the bare Karen.

The married Karen shared the air with the rare Karen.

The fair Karen beseeches, “I Love You”,

While the spare Karen retorts, “No way!”, and breaks the Cairn.


What can we make of this pairing?


The daring Karen then set down the Cairn, for repairing.

The wearing Karen took to swearing.

Then the keening Karen took to burying the Cairn.

The wayfaring Karen scored better with Erinne.

Take heart, however! As the rare ends from despairing Karen’s Cairn calm.


(palm to palm)…


(c) SBA 8/13



The Knock at the Door

I recently got a new smart phone with a big flat screen and it came with a document editor. To test this out, I decided to write a little story. Here is a piece of Phone Flash for ya:

The knock at the door. He started, cigarette ash falling abruptly. Should he call out? No. The last time had been so… Messy.
Between the tension of the first knock and the second, he unwound his lanky thighs from the kitchen chair, knees aching. It had been a long day of nothing, staring into space. He put his eye to the peephole. “Orders were called off”, the brusque voice said quietly. “go home.”
He sighed, dismantling his weapon. The President would live yet another day.

A Successful Harvest: My First Professional Story Publication

It’s nearing the end of October, and as we move into Harvest Festival/Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve and all of that, I am pleased to announce that my work over the summer has allowed me to reap a super hot story publication with Gorgon Press, publishers of “Phantasmagorium Magazine.” My first short for Clarion Writeathon, “Shadows Will Fall”, is currently featured as a Weekly Offering from today, Oct. 21st, until Saturday, Oct. 27th. You can read it here.